Wanting What I Can’t Have On This Mother’s Day

So, I have three children and that means that I do not spend a lot of money (or time) on myself.  Believe it or not, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I’m not into fashionable clothes – I’ll take jeans, a sweater and boots any ole day.  I’m not a shoe person – comfort over cool.  I don’t spend (too much) time on makeup, accessories, spa appointments.  In fact, I hate to get my hair cut.

But there is something that I’ve lusted after for years and I would love to find its cool, heavy weight hanging off my wrist on this Mother’s Day.

What could it be?

A Cartier Love bracelet!

The beautiful simplicity and elegance of these bracelets leaves me in awe.  The price tag does too.  It’s a fortune and not that widely seen.  I’ve even heard that women have had their hands cut off by people trying to steal these bracelets.  (I’m sure this is more fodder for fiction than truth, but you get the appeal).

Yes, I want a Cartier Love bracelet!

I actually laugh every time I say it.  I work from home as a writer and take care of my three children.  I don’t go to premiers, fancy State dinners or grand balls.  What on earth would I do with such a piece of jewelry?  Wear it in carpool?

It seems insane, I know.  And let me say here that I would never take money from my family for something so expensive.  Dinner out, maybe?  Sure.  A new purse?  Yep.  But a piece of jewelry that would cost more than most mortgage payments?  Nope.  But I can still dream!

So, this Mother’s Day, in my dreams, I want a Cartier Love bracelet.  I also want a library full of dusty old books that I can get lost in and have no one find me for weeks.  I want to travel to Ireland to find the fairies, move on over to Scotland to find a sexy Scotsman (and have my husband not care) and then round it all out with a private plane to Abu Dhabi like the girls of Sex and the City.

On this Mother’s Day, I can dream about all of these unachievable things.  But then, I can come back down to earth to the wet kisses, enthusiastic hugs and endearing hand-made cards.  This is where I find the true treasure – within the arms of my family.  I wouldn’t mind a Cartier Love bracelet hanging off my wrist while I’m getting those hugs, though.

What dream gift would you like for this Mother’s Day?  (Besides peace and quiet – that’s a given!!)

Cheers and have a Happy Mother’s Day!  You damn-well deserve it!

About TracyHewittMeyer

I love to write...anything and everything...aross genres and back again.
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1 Response to Wanting What I Can’t Have On This Mother’s Day

  1. jannashay says:

    Great post. We all have dreams. If we’re going to dream, then why not dream big?
    But don’t put your dreams on a shelf, because someday you just might get that Cartier Love
    Have a very Happy Mother’s Day.

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