The Inspiration Behind Wren’s Fantasy

With my paranormal romance, Wren’s Fantasy, due out this summer, I thought it would be a good time to write about the inspiration behind the novel. I put hours upon hours of work into it, researching, writing and editing.

So what inspired it?

Although I gather inspiration from too many sources to mention, I must say that the trilogy, The Lord of the Rings, was the greatest single influence. I’ve watched these three movies over, and over, and over, and…well, you understand. I didn’t dive into the books the way I dove into the movies. But the movies, well, they lured me into their magic upon first viewing and never let me go.

What, specifically, speaks to me?

  • The scenery. The movies were filmed in New Zealand, thus the scenery is incredible. I mean, incredible! The mountains, especially, speak to me. So desolate, soaring, remote. One of my favorite scenes is when the beacons are being lit high across the mountain range. Honestly, though, there are so many breathtaking shots that I can’t even begin to list them here. The scenery is as much a part of the movie as is the dialogue.
  • The characters. I love fantasy and in these films there is plenty of that! Wizards, elves, dwarves, Orcs. The haunting beauty of Arwen and the elves (Legolas, anyone? Yum), Treebeard, and the savagery of the Orcs are just a few examples of the phenomenal characters that J.R.R. Tolkien created. It shows me that there are no limits to what the mind can create and if it’s created well, readers will believe.
  • Magical objects. In The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, of course, it is the ring; that beautiful, simple gold band that brings grown men to their knees and drives hobbits to kill. In Wren’s Fantasy, the magical object is the Murias Cauldron, which grants immortality to all who drink from its waters. The idea of the Murias Cauldron comes from early Irish mythology and then I created a story around it. Someone protects the Cauldron and someone else wants it.
  • Good versus Evil. Always good versus evil. But there are endless ways to tell this tale, aren’t there? In The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, on the good side stand men, hobbits, elves, dwarves, wizards. On the bad side stand wizards, hobbits, and men. There is good and there is bad in all of us and at the core of numerous great stories is this timeless conflict.

There are countless sources of inspiration behind the creation of Wren’s Fantasy but The Lord of the Rings Trilogy will forever remain one of the most incredible, influential and awakening works of fiction I’ll ever encounter. Thank you, J.R.R. Tolkien, for writing these phenomenal books and thank you, Peter Jackson, for bringing them to life.

*Wren’s Fantasy will be available this summer via www.soulmatepublishing,,

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