What Am I Doing Pre-Release Day?

I’d like to write that I am feverishly plotting the sequel to Wren’s Fantasy. Or that I am conducting interviews, online promoting and marketing, gearing up enthusiasm for the release tomorrow. Or that I’ve received a call from Oprah Winfrey and she wants me to appear on her show.

What am I really doing the day before my big Release Day?

Well, let’s just see here. I’ve made a pancake breakfast for my three children (Diva K, age 9; Cutie, age 8; Stinker, age 4) who are home all summer. I’ve taken the two boys to the doctor (along with my bystander daughter). The doctor was running over an hour late so what should’ve been a two-hour ordeal turned into three and a half. Then my youngest failed his hearing test which led to time on the phone scheduling follow-up ENT appointments.

Now we’re back home to rest before we take off for my daughter’s championship swim meet an hour away. We should be back home by 9:00 tonight. Then, of course, it’s bed time which includes baths, stories and many, many cuddles.

So, life has gotten in the way of self-promotion, writing, editing. Life will always get in the way. Always. But I’m moving through my day with an undercurrent of butterflies and giggles (except for the failed hearing test). My children keep telling me ‘congratulations’. A life-long dream is about to come to fruition and no matter what I’m doing, I don’t forget that.

Yes, life is getting in the way, but it’s my life and I’ll take it just the way it is. Even if I’m up until 4:00 a.m. on twitter.

Cheers! Tracy

About TracyHewittMeyer

I love to write...anything and everything...aross genres and back again.
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2 Responses to What Am I Doing Pre-Release Day?

  1. jannashay says:

    Great post. Family is always the most important thing in life, and it seems you have no problem recognizing that.
    Congratulations on your release. Wishing you much success with your book.

  2. Candace Knoebel says:

    I couldn’t have said it better myself. Family will always come first. It’s the most important. Congratulations on the release! Exciting stuff! There’s no better feeling than when your dreams are finally realized.

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