Summer, Good Riddance!

As the beginning of a new school year nears (two of my children start on Monday; the third, still a preschooler, starts in a couple of weeks), I’m left, not feeling relaxed and calm, saddened that long days spent frolicking with my children are over. But rather, relieved that I can finally have a moment of quiet peacefulness, and hours, upon hours of quality writing time – I hope.

Summer for children is about sleeping late, endless days at the pool or beach, lightning bugs, staying up past bed-time. For my kids, it was about weekend trips to visit cousins, swim team, a trip to Shenandoah and many, many play dates with friends.

It was about running through the sprinklers on lazy afternoons.

For me, though, it was about hours spent either in the car driving to and from swim meets, or sitting in the hot sun while my daughter competed freestyle and breast stroke. It was about the early beginning of travel soccer practice for my oldest son, along with Tae Kwan Do lessons. It was about my youngest son demanding to be in the big pool, even though he can’t swim, creating a situation where I didn’t get the quiet moment by the kiddie pool, but was in the big pool, catching endless cannonballs by the blond torpedo.

It was also about the release of Wren’s Fantasy, a novel dear to my heart, because not only did I love writing it, it became my first published full-length manuscript. Oh, and I also began edits on a novel I intend to self-publish.


So, when Monday draws near, can you imagine the look on my face as two of my darling children dress in their  uniforms, grab their backpacks and step out of my day and into the school’s day?

If you can’t, here’s just a glimpse…

Cheers! Tracy

About TracyHewittMeyer

I love to write...anything and everything...aross genres and back again.
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