Where, oh Where, Has Tracy Lea Gone? Where, oh Where, Can She Be?

Well, let’s just say, I have been one very busy lady. No, I don’t have secret, exciting, blow-your-mind news about a new publishing contract. And I haven’t succumbed to a devastating illness.

So, what’s up?

Just life, plain and simple. Three kids, all in school and after-school activities; one husband who works long hours; one home that is getting old and needs a tender hand; one storm that knocked out our power; and one writer who is working on a new novel while also trying to get her Social Work license reinstated.

There you have it. I have so much to say that I find I have nothing to say. So, mon amis, I’m going to take the next hour of free time and work on my new novel, as yet untitled, but flying from my fingertips. Maybe one day I’ll write a post about that secret, exciting, blow-your-mind publishing contract for this very book.

Cheers! Tracy

About TracyHewittMeyer

I love to write...anything and everything...aross genres and back again.
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