Music to My Ears…

Music can create a physiological reaction in our bodies, both in good and bad ways. Loud, pumping music may stimulate, possibly agitate. Classical music can calm, maybe hypnotize, may induce sleep. When you are writing, it is essential to find a type of music that helps lead your mind into the ‘tone’ that you need; preferably, but not always, the same ‘tone’ of the story.

When I have had a busy day, music is a sure-fire way to help pull my scattered brain into the present, and then carry it into the realm of the creative. This is the place my mind must be in order to write. I think of music as a pathway, helping guide me where I need to go. I hope, upon finding the right music, it can be a pathway for you too.

When I wrote, Wren’s Fantasy, I listened to a very specific type of music. And thanks to Pandora,, I was able to create my very own ‘station’ that played music catered to exactly what I wanted and needed. My channel is called the ‘Sarah Brightman’ channel, after the cross-over, classical, operatic singer whose voice, in an instant, sends my mind into another plane. Pandora takes the music, artists and songs, that I like, and tailor-makes a station that plays similar music. I have found countless new singers and unforgettable songs this way. And to the tune of each one, I wrote Wren’s Fantasy.

Because this novel is a fantasy, I needed music that was soothing, hauntingly beautiful, mildly stimulating, and with a powerful voice that lured me out of my hectic day. Here is a brief list of my favorite artists whose songs I credit with helping heighten the ‘fantasy’ in Wren’s Fantasy.

  • Sarah Brightman
  • Enya
  • Celtic Woman
  • Josh Brogan
  • Andrea Bocelli
  • Loreena McKennitt
  • Blackmore’s Night

These artists’ music is certain to guide me to the place I need to be when writing. And they’ve become beloved favorites, among many others I’ve discovered on the recommendations of this Pandora station.

One new find that stands out above all others, though, is Hayley Westenra. When I discovered this artist, specifically her rendition of the song, May It Be, I found the most beautiful song and voice I’ve ever heard. There is not a note in this song that I can resist. Upon the first few chords, my blood pressure lowers, my mind calms, my thoughts focus, easing into the task at hand. And with Wren’s Fantasy, that was creating a fantasy world.

Here are three YouTube links of her singing that I hope you will enjoy. Timeless. Enchanting. Surreal. And absolutely the perfect music to write to.

In fact, after a very hectic morning with a sick eight year old and a demanding (but adorably so) four year old, I clicked on Hayley’s music on YouTube and her surreal voice is carrying me through this blog with a peace and calm that I didn’t have an hour ago.



wrensfantasy3_850 (2)

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