Is It Okay To Be Happy This Holiday Season?

With parents suffering the loss of their babies, children suffering the loss of their parents, rapes, wars and hatred running rampant, can we be happy this holiday season? If we are, is that okay while so many others suffer?

As I sit here writing this post, tears obscure my view of the computer screen. I, like so many out there, suffer from a broken heart. When those babies and brave women died in Connecticut, my heart broke. But unfortunately, not for the first time.

My heart broke on 9/11 and every day that followed when my alarm went off each morning to the sound of Lee Greenwood singing, Proud to be an American.

My heart broke this morning when I read about the rapes of women and girls in Syria and India.

My heart breaks each time my daughter comes home from school upset that girls were mean to her.

My heart breaks for countless other reasons each day.

With so much sadness, what is there to celebrate this holiday season? Can we find happiness in the midst of so much despair?

I hope so. I try to. I try to make a real effort to be happy. To enjoy my three children. To appreciate my husband. To be thankful for all that I have, because so many don’t have anything.

I think we can honor the pain of others by making the effort to appreciate life; be grateful for what we have been given; by appreciating the magic and beauty of each and every day.

I know, since last friday, I have hugged and kissed my children to distraction. I have stopped, taken a breath, and looked around me, at all of my blessings. And if I appreciate and honor these blessings, I believe I am honoring those who have been lost. Because their lives have been cut short, or their innocence stolen, I will be grateful in reverence to them.

So, yes, be happy this holiday season. Be grateful. Be proactive in creating a safe, healthy, peaceful world, not only for our loved ones, but for everyone. Don’t we all deserve that?

And for those who aren’t here to celebrate the holidays, let us celebrate in their honor. And be happy.

If you need more inspiration, please click on the link below to hear Josh Groban’s You Raise Me Up, accompanied by a children’s choir.

Happy Holidays, Tracy

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