Indie-Publication One Month Out

On June 25, 2013, A Life, Redefined was released on amazon. It’s available in e-book and paperback. This is not my first published novel, but it is my first that is indie-published.


So, what’s happened so far?

Good question. I just returned from a conference where several authors, sitting atop a stage, microphone at mouth, hailed the greatness of self-publishing. These authors were making hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions, on their self-published novels. I sat dutifully in the audience, enraptured, writing down every single word they said in my pristine white notebook. Before the pages were covered in my black-ink chicken scrawl,  excitement had built up in me to fever pitches. That was going to be me. I was going to be one of these successful indie authors.

I flew home from the conference and got right to work: promoting, strategizing, writing the sequel. Whereas before I didn’t check the sale stats every day, I started checking them daily, several times a day. And what did I see?

Very little.


Undeterred, I continued promotion via twitter and Facebook. I purchased an ad, beautifully displayed on That just went up today so I’m not sure how effective it will be, but I’m happy to let you know.

I don’t have a lot of extra funds for promotion. I spent it all on the conference learning to improve and market my product. But it’s one month out and I am so far from being one of these indie wonders that I can’t even see a path ahead. I’m not sure any amount of marketing money can save me now.

Just kidding.

I’m not discouraged, believe it or not. I’m not discouraged at all. I wrote a good book and I’m content to let it grow its roots. It has only been one month. And I am still determined to make this work. I’m working on the sequel, writing over a thousand words a day. I’m continuing my presence on social media. I’m researching marketing options and ideas.

The single biggest thing I learned from the successful indie authors on these panels, though, had little to do with marketing and promotion. These vital topics did get a lot of time, no doubt. The authors gave several significant, imperative pieces of advice on how to get your book out there. But the most important action we indie authors can take, as voiced by several over the course of the conference, is to WRITE THE NEXT BOOK.

And write it fast. 🙂

Releasing more material is paramount to success (just make sure it’s the best product you can put out there). So I am dividing my time between marketing and promotion, and writing the sequel to A Life, Redefined. I’m not discouraged and am not going to let myself be. One month out and I have six 5 star reviews and the book is sitting in the TBR (and reviewed) pile of many.

It takes time. Success takes time. Even those who find overnight success rarely found it overnight. There were months, years, of hard work pushed into that endeavor. That just means that the world at large finally caught on.

A Life, Redefined is my baby. It’s been born and now its just learning to sit up. Next comes crawling, then walking, then running. Soon, it will be soaring to the skies. Maybe I have the royal baby on the brain. Maybe I just understand, like most authors, how dear to our hearts these novels are. I’ll do my part to give my “baby” wings. It’ll just take time.

Good luck to all of you indie authors out there and please send some good luck my way in return.



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4 Responses to Indie-Publication One Month Out

  1. Larynn Ford says:

    Best of luck! Please keep us updated on your progress.


  2. Blue Harvest Creative says:

    Excellent blog post!

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