Artist First Radio, Here I come! (Won’t you please join me?)

Hi folks! I have the amazing opportunity to be interviewed tonight on Artist First Radio, a CBS-affiliated radio show hosted by International bestseller, Ashley Fontainne. Her new thriller, Number Seventy-Five, is about the perils of online dating and is not too be missed!

And as for this online radio show, I’m thrilled to be the feature author tonight at 8:00 pm EST. How can you listen in? Here is the link:

Why should you listen in? Because we’ll have an hour to talk about writing, A Life, Redefined, self-publishing and all manner of things (including some topics I’m probably not even anticipating!).


I’ve never done a live interview. I’ve done several online question and answer interviews on blogs. I’m nervous that I won’t know what to say. I’ve been busy preparing, of course; putting my thoughts together, organizing ideas, possible answers. But when that question comes through the phone line and filters into my ear, I still can’t guarantee that I’ll get it right.

Nerves aside, I don’t always think well ‘on my feet’. I know I’m not alone in that, am I? It’s okay, go ahead and admit it! And I also don’t always hear well on the phone. I’m not sure why. I don’t have a hearing issue, per se, but sometimes the person’s speech on the other end can be hard for me to understand. No fault of the other person. If anything, I probably do have a hearing issue and usually read lips in person to help! On a phone interview, I obviously can’t do that!

So, tune in and see what’s going on tonight. Support me whether I answer the questions seamlessly, or I fumble over my words and don’t make a lick of sense. In the end, it’s me in the interview-the good, the bad and the hopefully not too ugly.




About TracyHewittMeyer

I love to write...anything and everything...aross genres and back again.
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