Rowan’s Poetry

With the release of A Life, Forward looming on the horizon, I would like to share the poem that begins the second novel in the Rowan Slone Series.



It shines ahead.

A glimmer. A flash.

Then it is gone.

Like it never existed.

But I saw it.

And it changed me.

              Rowan Slone

A Life, Forward is set for an April 7 release. Available now is A Life, Redefined, the first story in the Rowan Slone Series.


There is beauty and magic within the stark wording of poetry. Whether it is written for publication or for oneself, poetry can capture a moment, a thought, an emotion in ways prose can not.

Share your thoughts on poetry (or better yet-a poem!) in the comments section and you will be entered to win an eBook copy of A Life, Redefined.

Cheers! Tracy

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I love to write...anything and everything...aross genres and back again.
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2 Responses to Rowan’s Poetry

  1. The book looks great Tracy! I had a period of writing poetry, rhyming and not, but I haven’t written much for the last decade. But, hey, there’s one I wrote back in 2006…

    After I Wake

    I step off the cliff and I soar,
    wings outstretched and vast,
    as I glide across mountain tor,
    my eyes are silently cast.
    I stare at the skies
    in the early morn,
    as the sun spreads dyes
    over dewy dawn.
    And I fly and I wheel
    through gorges and valleys
    and zephyrs I feel
    as the wind gently sallies.
    Fire flows twixt my veins,
    in tingling awe
    erupting in flames
    as I swoop to the floor.
    Then I climb and I float
    in the morning anew
    to relieve my sore throat
    as all dragons do!

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