Excerpt from A Life, Forward

*Warning* This content is descriptive and heavy, with reference to Rowan’s self-harm scars.

If you are interested in proceeding, please let me set the scene for you. Rowan and her boyfriend, Mike, are in the midst of a heated argument.

A Life, Forward:

If someone threw me into the middle of a tornado, I wouldn’t have felt more frazzled, confused, stirred up. “This is me, Mike. Take it or leave it.” The shakiness in my voice disproved my strong words.

He was silent, eyes focused on my arm. It started to burn under his gaze, and I had to clench my fist to keep from scratching the dozen lines, from tracing the ugly A.

Sometimes I still wanted to cut but I didn’t.

I. Didn’t. Cut.

My legs were covered in silky light hairs because I refused to hold a razor between my fingers. I’d bent over backward, writing in my journal, studying late into the night, putting more hours in at the shelter, just to occupy my mind.

I didn’t cut anymore.

I didn’t cut anymore.

I don’t cut anymore.

I don’t cut anymore.

“I DON’T CUT anymore!” A soft knock on the door was the only thing that interrupted my screams.




I hope you enjoy Rowan’s story. If you’re interested in how Rowan’s story began, check out the first book in the Rowan Slone Series, A Life, Redefined, available now for $0.99. http://amzn.to/HCSS7A.



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3 Responses to Excerpt from A Life, Forward

  1. Harliqueen says:

    Very powerful excerpt 🙂

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