Excerpt from A Life, Forward

Here is another excerpt from A Life, Forward, book #2 in the Rowan Slone Series.

*Scene set-up* Rowan is in her room at the Anderson’s home, thinking about Mike and looking at his picture.


I’d had a crush on Mike long before we started dating last year. But he’d had a girlfriend. They broke up and soon after we were paired for a biology project. He saw something in me that kept him by my side through all the madness, and had him opening the doors to his home and his family.

Mike was my savior. He had stood by my side throughout some of the worst moments of my life and had never once judged me. I smiled at the picture as I laid it down on the bed in front of me. For this one moment, my heart released its hold on the loneliness and let a sliver of contentment come in. No matter what, Mike had changed my life. I would still be at home if it weren’t for him, slowly dying under the weight of my family.

I uncapped the pen.

A moment

One moment

Can change everything.

A person

One person

Can be the cause.

A touch

One touch

Can make us whole again.

Somehow, around the third or fourth line, Mike’s image had slipped away and in its place was Shane’s. No matter how hard I stared at Mike’s picture, he suddenly seemed like a stranger; a thing of the past. I slammed the journal shut and nearly drowned in my own disbelief.




Cheers! Tracy


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I love to write...anything and everything...aross genres and back again.
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2 Responses to Excerpt from A Life, Forward

  1. Harliqueen says:

    What a lovely excerpt 🙂

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