Cover Reveal Excitement!!

I am thrilled to release the cover for book #3 in the Rowan Slone Series, A Life, Freed. I am in awe of the wonderfully talented Blue Harvest Creative who has worked so hard to bring Rowan to live on the beautiful covers. This new one is just another example of their incredible work.

To add to the impact, I’m going to list the covers in order of the books to show the natural progression of this strong, independent, fighting-for-her life young woman. We could all use a little Rowan in our lives.

Here we go…(cue the drum roll!)

Book #1: Award-winning A Life, Redefined -Available now on amazon.


Book #2: A Life, Forward – Available on amazon.


And…Book #3: A Life, Freed…Are you ready?

Are you sure?

Here we go!


Isn’t it a beauty? Rowan Slone is such a strong, courageous young character. I’m so proud of these novels and awed by the incredible covers. I hope you are, too!

A Life, Freed releases 11/7/14. You can PRE-ORDER the novel now on amazon. Visit:

Happy Reading!


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