Introducing…A new series…

Not a new book series. That will come soon! But I’m introducing a new blog series: A Day in the Life of an Introvert.

This may not seem interesting (you’re probably an extrovert). This may not seem relevant. But for me, a staunch introvert who didn’t even know what that was until I was an adult, it’s a very important topic. Being an introvert has shaped so many aspects of who I am. Almost every embarrassing, mean, snippy, stupid thing I have done has been a result of a deep-seeded need to just flee. And this need to flee comes from being overwhelmed with the situation at hand (rarely happens when I’m alone) and lashing out because I do not know how to handle how I feel.

I am a nice person but I have done many, upon many strange things as a result of extreme social discomfort and the inability to maneuver my way through a social situation. I venture to say that many who know me would disagree. Or maybe they have been the recipient of a stupid comment I’ve made and believe this all too well. Who knows? Not me, because I would never interview people to ask.

Why not?

Because I am generally uncomfortable when it comes to talking. I can spend hours upon hours in silence. I love movies and television, books and daydreaming. Being social is difficult for me and, as I discovered about ten years ago, always has been.

I can’t even begin to recount how many times I’ve driven to a store where I need something, become overwhelmed by the thought of going in, and left. Yep. Just left. Anyone else done this? Please tell me you have so I don’t feel so weird.

But I don’t want to spend the first blog post in exhaustive detail about every example as to why I am an introvert. I find maneuvering my way through life at times so awkward that I’d like to use this blog as a way to explain myself to…myself. And I know there are millions of introverts out there who would probably like a little (silent) support as well. Maybe eventually we can all be that to each other. In the meantime, I’ll share posts on how I make my way through a day as an introvert.

I’d also like to share information and/or research I’ve come across. The first share will be this: a book that my now husband pulled off a bookshelf years ago because he said it explained me to a ‘T’. To me, it opened up a world of trying to understand…me; to understand the real Tracy Lea.

That book is: The Highly Sensitive Person by Elaine N. Aron, Ph.D.-

It was the first time I realized there was something behind why I always felt better in solitude and never seemed to fully fit in.

I’ll end here. I could go on and on and on. I think there will be enough subject matter to create an ongoing blog. Even if it’s just about the difficult time I had getting to the grocery store, much less actually doing the grocery shopping.

If you would like to share a quirky introvert trait of yours, I’d appreciate it!!

Cheers, y’all fellow introverts!


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