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On Being an Introvert and Parenting, aka Not My Problem!

I have three children. If children are part of your life in any way (i.e. as a parent, aunt/uncle, grandparent, friend, work-related, etc.) you know that children are beautiful, energetic, powerful forces of nature. When I look at my children, … Continue reading

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On Being an Introvert…and Trying to Act Normal

I use the word normal to be flippant and funny. There is nothing abnormal about being an introvert. Just had to get that out of the way lest anyone feel slighted. Anyhoo, I had a party to attend last night, … Continue reading

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On Being an Introvert and…Missing Out On Life?

I don’t know about you but I have often felt left out, passed over, ignored. I’m not the one who gets the big birthday party thrown in my honor, or the one who has a gaggle of friends to go … Continue reading

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