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On Being an Introvert and the Rude Facade

If you are like me, you have been accused of being rude or snobbish, stuck-up or cold. Let me assure you that I am none of those things. What I am is shy and uncomfortable with approaching people, so much so … Continue reading

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On Being an Introvert and Raising Children

This is a topic I may hit on a few different times. There is a book about parenting the introverted child, appropriately named, Quiet by Susan Cain. What I find more fascinating and in need of exploration is the quiet parent who … Continue reading

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Pretending to be Someone Else….Good Idea or Bad?

This morning, I stood in front of the mirror, towel wrapped around my body, hair falling in strings out of a ponytail, and I said to myself, “Be someone else. Just be someone else.” What I meant was, Be someone … Continue reading

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