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On Being An Introvert-Acquiring the Elusive Quiet Mind

I am the victim of the times–surrounded by constant stimulation, whether it be text alerts, social media, murmuring television or radio in the background, people talking to me, at me…the absolute dreaded phone call. As someone who leans so far … Continue reading

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On Being an Introvert and NOT Suitable for…

…human companionship… When I first thought of this title, I thought it would be: On Being an Introvert and NOT Suitable for Human Consumption. But we’re not cannibals, so I decided that wasn’t the right word and I changed it … Continue reading

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On Being an Introvert and the Trouble with Hello.

I haven’t posted in ages, it seems. Though I continue to weave my way through life on a steadfastly introverted path, I have been sharing my trials and tribulations with a therapist rather than on my blog, and that has been … Continue reading

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Teens and Mental Health

It seems like mental health is in the news more and more often. Yesterday…today…tomorrow. What is mental health? What are the warning signs and how is mental illness treated? I have come across a few sites about teen mental health that I found … Continue reading

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May is Mental Health Month

  All around us people are suffering from a mental health illness. Maybe we, ourselves, are the ones struggling. Mental health can be an enigma because it often can’t be seen by those around us. If you have a broken arm in … Continue reading

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